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“You run your business, we watch your books!”

The careful management of your finances is our top priority! We provide our clients personalized and thorough service that meets your business or individual needs.

Planning is imperative to a successful business. While working with your staff and CPA, our role is imperative and informative. JN & Associates, LLC concentrates on increasing our customer's success. We provide services to help you plan for your business, accurately track revenue and expenses, identify key performance indicators, and minimize your time working on your bookkeeping so you can get back to doing what you do best!

In many cases, your financials can be deeply impacted by simple clerical errors within your bookkeeping. We work with our clients and staff to establish accurate bookkeeping methods and provide a smooth transition within.  We can also send your reports and documents directly to your CPA for a streamlined experience through tax time.


Bookkeeping is not just Data Entry!

A great bookkeeper will help you achieve 2 main goals by accurately structuring your bookkeeping: facilitation of tax preparation / planning and tools to help you effectively manage your business.

Tax planning and preparation is an extremely critical function of business.  Complete and accurate financials will save your CPA time which saves you money.  When a CPA spends time fixing books, the end result can be costly!

Strategy is key, and it starts with your bookkeeping.  Ever wondered which investment or advertising efforts are giving you the greatest rate of return?  Or how your sales have trended over the last 48 months?  These types of questions can be answered by financial reports.  Bookkeeping is about much more than compliance; bookkeeping is the foundation of a great business!





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